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About Our Dental Office in New London, CT

At Oral Care Dental Group, we have 5 licensed dentists who have a complete range of interests and specialties. They are ready to help you with any and all of your oral health needs.

Our Doctors
Aman U. Syed, DDS

Owner, Oral Care Dental Group

General Practice Residency, Saint Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury, CT
School of Dental and Oral Surgery, Columbia University, DDS
Queens College, CUNY, BS

His interests include: implants, complex full mouth reconstruction, and cosmetic dentistry.
David M. Snyderman, DDS

General Practice Residency, U.S. Public Health Service
Howard University College of Dentistry, DDS
Queens College, CUNY, BA

Former Senior Dental Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Academy

His interests include: oral surgery, wisdom tooth removal, and dentures.
Maziar Izadi, DDS

Brookdale Hospital, NY, Residency
New York University College of Dentistry, DDS
University of California at Los Angeles, BA, BS

His interests include: restorative dentistry.
Adesh Chawla, DMD

Boston University College of Dentistry, DMD

His interests include: restorative dentistry, oral surgery, and endodontics.
Petro Matsyshyn, DDS

Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Columbia-New York Presbyterian Hospital

College of Dental Medicine,
Columbia University, DDS

His interests include: cosmetic dentistry and endodontics.

Our Staff

Our supportive and friendly staff members help our office run so smoothly, and everyone plays an important role!
Angelina, Practice Administrator
Anita, Dental Hygienist
Sharma, Lab Technician
Vivi, Dental Assistant
Angela, Office Assistant
Michelle, Office Assistant
Shelley, Office Assistant
Maria, Dental Assistant
Annie, Dental Assistant
Stacy, Dental Assistant
Mark, Dental Assistant
Amanda, Office Assistant
Samantha, Dental Assistant
Dawn, Office Assistant
Nahid, Laboratory Technician Assistant
Sonya, Office Assistant
Alison, Dental Hygienist
Scott, Repair Technician
Hartford Staff while at OCDG


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